Banana Walnut Cake

The Baker's Dozen Goodies

Bring in the New Year with these The Baker’s Dozen Goodies

One of the best ways to celebrate New Year is to share and gift yummy treats with one’s family and friends. A box of cookies and cakes is enough to make one’s day. Here are some treats that are sure to lighten up your new year. Banana Walnut Cake This cake is made using nothing but the finest ingredients, like

Walnut Cake

Bring in The Festivities with The Bakers Dozen Walnut Range

Walnuts have been a beloved snack for thousands of years. They have a very strong nutritional profile which is why they are used even in a few home remedies. This nut is loaded with antioxidants that can help fight against oxidative stress. Walnuts may also help reduce bad cholesterol, promoting overall heart health. Well, what if you can get tasty