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The Baker’s Dozen Combos Worth Trying

We all heavily depend on bread to satisfy us during breakfast. The quality of this bread should never be compromised, it is an important start to a day’s meal. However, monotony can ruin a good day’s meal. So, to spice up (or sweeten) how you start your day, here are a few of our products and combos which are just perfect for an extravagant breakfast. Or if you think that breads are boring (you definitely need to try our breads though), there are some cakes and cookies that will help you through the day.

The dark chocolate cookie combo

What’s better than one pack of cookies? Two packs of cookies, of course! Treat yourself with this delightful combo of dark chocolate cookies because nothing is more delicious than the double dose of sweetness from these cookies. These cookies are loaded with butter and dark chocolate with no trans fat at all. If you’re still skeptic, try one and watch it melt in your mouth, we assure you, you will love it.

The Croissant-coffee combo

What better way to start your day than a bottle of coffee from Sleepy Owl and a croissant from The Baker’s Dozen. If you love the buttery feel a croissant gives, then this combo is for you. After all who doesn’t love to start their day off with bread and coffee? The croissant is one of the most famous french breads made from pure butter and when you get an authentic flavor from us, why do you need to look for it anywhere else? The sweet sleepy owl coffee pairs perfectly with this bread, take a bite out of the croissant, drink a sip of coffee, and relish the taste that spreads across your mouth.

The Bagel and Cheese combo

Bagels are a classic form of American breakfast which tastes really amazing with cheese. And that’s exactly what we bring to you in this combo. These sesame bagels are meant to be had with cheese. The fresh garlic and herbs cheese goes well with almost all our breads, but the bagel-cheese combo is exemplary, so much so that there is no going back once you taste it. And you won’t need to, because that’s how cost-effective this combo is. What’s even better is, the bagels are made of 100% wholewheat and there is no maida or preservative in the mix.

The Pizza and sauce combo

This is something that you’ll almost never make in breakfast, however, you need to have the best to make the best pizzas. We guarantee the quality of our pizza base and the pizza sauce you get with it. All you need to do is get some good mozzarella cheese and bake a pizza that’s fresh out of the oven, just like our products. Relish the taste of amazing ingredients cooked well while you sit back and relax. Check out the wide range of our products on our website while you do that, we have so many more combos out there, waiting for you.


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