Christmas Treats

5 Easy and Quick Christmas Treats

One of the best ways to celebrate Christmas is to eat yummy treats with one’s family and friends. A box of cookies is enough to make one’s day. Here are some treats that are sure to make your Christmas truly merry. 

Banana Bread

This bread is made using nothing but the finest ingredients, like freshly mashed bananas and 100% whole wheat flour. You won’t find even a hint of maida in this item. The cake is moist and soft, and eating it makes one feel like biting into a heavenly delight. 

Vanilla Pound Cake

The all-time favorite vanilla cake is made from simple ingredients such as sugar, butter, and eggs. The cake is super light, fresh, and moist. The cake is loaded with butter and is quite rich and dense. You are free to relish it with a cup of coffee and even tea.   

You can even enjoy it with whipped cream and a bunch of berries. Let the sweetness of Vanilla Pound Cake fill joy in your life this Christmas. 

Fresh Orange Cake with Pistachio

One of the finest orange cakes out there. This one is made using cold-pressed orange juice and some nutritious and delicious pistachios. This yummy cake’s tangy flavor will sure to arouse your taste buds and leave you wanting more. 

The add pistachios do a good job of adding a nutty and unique flavor to the already scrumptious cake. The freshness and sweetness of this cake are unmatched across different brands.

Coffee Cake

Who does not love a cup of coffee in the evening? What if we told you that we have managed to add aroma and deliciousness to a cake? Coffee Cakes are one of the best treats to enjoy during Diwali with your family. 

The cake is vegetarian and is made using fresh filter coffee decoction. The freshness and moistness of the cake are unmatched. Relish its sweetness and take your Christmas celebrations to a whole new level. 

Dark Chocolate Cookies

These cookies are made with 100% butter and have ample of dark chocolate. Their crunchiness is bound to make you munch on them all day long. The best part about them is that they are handmade. They are packed in separate pouches so that they remain fresh.


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