How to make super fluffy pancakes

How to make super fluffy pancakes

What does Sunday morning call for? Pancakes, right! They are the perfect breakfast food with both sweet and savoury, perfect for stacking. They are flexible and you can have them at any time of the day because pancakes are the most delightful thing ever. With a little effort and ingredients, it’s possible to create a cafe-style vibe at home. 

But let’s face it, making the perfect fluffy pancakes is not the easiest thing to do. When the batter is not made right, or when flipped at the wrong time, pancakes can create a cooking nightmare. But, we’ve got you covered! We have some tips for you so that you can whip up the perfect fluffy pancakes at home. 

1.Grease the pan when it’s hot 

One of the most common mistakes is adding butter at the wrong time. Add your butter when the pan is hot and right before when you’re about to add the batter. If you let the butter heat, the pancakes will be darker in colour. Also, you can even burn your pancakes if the butter is too hard. Use chilled butter, if possible. 

2.Pour the wet ingredients in the right way 

If you have a hard time making a smooth batter, here is the best way to pour your wet ingredients into dry ones. Add your dry ingredients to the bowl, mix them roughly, then make a well or hole in the middle. Then, add the wet ingredients and start mixing slowly. This decreases the chances of lumps. However, a small number of lumps in the batter are not a very bad thing. 

3.Use buttermilk only in case of buttermilk pancakes 

Many people suggest that milk + vinegar can be used as a replacement for buttermilk in the case of the classic buttermilk pancakes. But, we don’t stand by that. If you want your pancakes to be fluffy like they should be, use real buttermilk for your batter. If you find that it’s hard to utilize the whole pack of buttermilk, you can make a large batch of pancakes and freeze them. That way you’ll have pancakes whenever you crave them. 

4.Use a non-stick pan or griddle 

Thin pans heat unevenly. This is another reason why pancakes stick to the pan and it ruins everything. This is why you should always use a non-stick pan or griddle. Cold butter also helps with the non-stick pan to work the magic better. 

5.Pour the right amount of batter 

Not more, not less, pour the right amount of batter. The amount of batter should be taken as per the size of the pan. You can even use a cookie scoop to take the uniform amount of batter every time. It helps you to make your pancakes round as well. 

6.Flip the pancakes when it’s the right time 

Flipping is the trickiest part when it comes to making pancakes. If you flip it before time, it is equivalent to tearing your pancake. The perfect time to flip is when you see the bubbles popping. The sides of the pancake should also be slightly cooked. If you flip it right, then it will be done right. 

7.Do not overmix the batter 

The batter should be mixed only till the wet and dry ingredients are just incorporated. Even a few lumps are also fine. But if you overmix the batter, the gluten in the flour will start its action. Once the gluten starts developing, the batter becomes thicker and your pancakes will be chewy and dense instead of being fluffy and light.


Everyone loves pancakes. But it’s not economical to go out to cafes to enjoy them. These tips will help you to make perfect pancakes at home. After all, a delightful breakfast is something that everyone should be able to enjoy in the comfort of their homes.




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