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Ragi Bread

Ragi Bread for The Win | The Baker’s Dozen

Did you know that Ragi is also popularly known as a wonder grain? The nickname is perfectly apt for the healthy and nutritious cereal grain. Ragi is a whole-grain that is a rich source of calcium and fibre content. Naturally gluten free, low in fat, rich in calcium and fibre content, the Ragi millet has numerous health benefits. It is

Ragi Bread

3 Easy Ragi Loaf Breakfast Recipes

With the world becoming increasingly health conscious, the Ragi grain is one whole-grain that has made a huge comeback in contemporary diet culture. It is no secret that Ragi has various health and nutritional benefits. Popularly considered as a “wonder grain” for weight loss, the Ragi millet is naturally gluten free, low in fat, rich in calcium and fibre content.

Ragi Bread

Does Ragi Aid Weight Loss? The Baker’s Dozen Ragi Range

Gaining weight is a very common thing nowadays, but have you ever wondered how one gains weight, exactly? Simply put, it happens because our calorie consumption is more than the ones that we burn on a regular basis. So now the question arises, How to maintain this balance? The very first step for losing weight in a healthy way is