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Does Ragi Aid Weight Loss? The Baker’s Dozen Ragi Range

Gaining weight is a very common thing nowadays, but have you ever wondered how one gains weight, exactly? Simply put, it happens because our calorie consumption is more than the ones that we burn on a regular basis. So now the question arises, How to maintain this balance?

The very first step for losing weight in a healthy way is to eat well. There are some grains that assist in reducing gut inflammation and enhancing body functioning. When it comes to such grains, Ragi, commonly known as finger millet serves as an excellent example. Ragi is primarily grown and consumed in Asian and African nations. Due to the weather, Karnataka is where it is primarily grown in India. It’s one of those grains which have a strong connection to weight loss. This is due to the fact that ragi contains the amino acid tryptophan, which serves various purposes in your body. It aids in the synthesis of serotonin that enhances mood and suppresses appetite which in turn aids with weight management. It keeps the stomach full since it digests very slowly so you need not worry about the late night cravings as you won’t have to run to the kitchen every hour to deal with things! In addition to this, it has a significantly higher level of dietary fibre than any other grains that aids in the body’s efficient digestion. Its low fat and rich iron content makes it ideal for anyone wanting to shed extra pounds and calories. All about our Adventures with Ragi.

Weight gain is a side effect of sleep deprivation. SURPRISED! Well yes, lack of sleep is a major reason for gain in weight especially in youth. But Ragi is the solution. Even at night, ragi can be eaten to promote restful sleep, which also helps with weight loss.

There are several other benefits of this wonder grain-


One of the foremost causes of weight gain is gluten. The fact that ragi is gluten-free is the biggest reason to include it in your diet. Abdomen fat is also known as stubborn fat, foods that are gluten-free helps in shedding fat around the abdomen. When it comes to those attempting to lose weight, ragi serves as an excellent source of fibre. While ensuring that the person is fit, it also aids in the control of diabetes in the body.

Controls Cholesterol

Nowadays, in such a competitive world almost everyone is dealing with stress therefore diseases like high blood pressure and high cholesterol are becoming very ordinary. But these both can be prevented and treated with ragi. Ragi can help lower your risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease. Ragi in its raw form aids in reducing plaque development and vascular obstruction. As a result, there is a significant decrease in the risk of hypertension, heart conditions, and stroke.

Keeping your health in mind, we the people at The Baker’s Dozen brings you our Ragi range which comprises of-

Ragi Loaf

People often say eating local is eating healthy. Ragi is such a grain which is very nutritious and is deep rooted into the goodness of Indian food. High in dietary fibre, this calcium rich bread is low fat sliced bread made of ‘ragi’. It is an extremely light bread to digest with no preservatives used which makes it the best choice for children’s first bread. 

Ragi Crackers

Munching is a usual practice nowadays whether it’s watching movies or studying, everyone needs something to munch on. The Baker’s Dozen brings you a healthier form of snack to munch on. These crunchy baked chips made of Ragi are a perfect health snack. Having no Maida and zero preservatives makes these crackers an ideal choice for all the fitness lovers.


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