ragi bread recipes

Ragi Bread

3 Easy Ragi Loaf Breakfast Recipes

With the world becoming increasingly health conscious, the Ragi grain is one whole-grain that has made a huge comeback in contemporary diet culture. It is no secret that Ragi has various health and nutritional benefits. Popularly considered as a “wonder grain” for weight loss, the Ragi millet is naturally gluten free, low in fat, rich in calcium and fibre content.

Ragi bread recipes

All About Our Adventures with Ragi

I grew up in Ahmedabad and had never consumed ragi in any form. I don’t even think I knew what ragi was.

When we started The Baker’s Dozen in Mumbai in 2012, I was trying to identify the right wheat flour for our breads and was looking for rye flour to make some German sourdoughs. Whilst I