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All About Our Adventures with Ragi

I grew up in Ahmedabad and had never consumed ragi in any form. I don’t even think I knew what ragi was.

When we started The Baker’s Dozen in Mumbai in 2012, I was trying to identify the right wheat flour for our breads and was looking for rye flour to make some German sourdoughs. Whilst I was trying to explain to some flour millers what is rye flour, colour, texture, grain they handed me over some ragi flour!! Yes and that’s how I discovered ragi.

I remember it was 2 pm in the afternoon and we were done with the day’s baking; bread had been dispatched to customers and we were sitting, bored on bags of flour, thinking about what we should experiment with. That’s when we said, let’s try out this flour ragi.

We tried all sorts of recipes with it, bread, tarts, crackers and we came up with two of my favorite products: our ragi bread and ragi crackers.

Our ragi bread is very soft and a rich source of calcium. It’s a great first bread for children. It’s made with wholewheat flour and ragi flour, using all natural ingredients and hence, very healthy.

Our ragi crackers are made with ragi flour and roasted garlic. They are extremely tasty as it or with an accompaniment of a hung curd dip. Ragi crackers were the first chips my children ate; just crunchy and yummy.

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