banana bread

Christmas Treats

5 Easy and Quick Christmas Treats

One of the best ways to celebrate Christmas is to eat yummy treats with one’s family and friends. A box of cookies is enough to make one’s day. Here are some treats that are sure to make your Christmas truly merry.  Banana Bread This bread is made using nothing but the finest ingredients, like freshly mashed bananas and 100% whole

Picks by Chef Aditi

Top The Baker’s Dozen Picks by Chef Aditi

The Baker’s Dozen is one of the fastest-growing bakery companies in the country and is currently the largest artisanal bread company in India. We make most of our products using natural ingredients and believe in using little to no preservatives. Our founder and guide, Chef Aditi Handa, gives the first priority to customers in all company decisions. The brand offers

Banana Bread Recipe

Easy & Moist Banana Bread Recipe

Banana bread is a cake that is really easy to bake and uses ingredients that you usually have at home. It is a good way to use overripe bananas, while making sure the resulting dish is heavenly in taste. We at the The Baker’s Dozen believe in using natural ingredients for making our products, but if you want to bake


Recipe for banana bread

Light, soft and just the right amount of sweetness – anyone can guess that we are talking about banana bread. It is a classic, an all-time favourite recipe, especially with kids. But, adults love it alike because of the delectable taste of perfectly baked banana bread. However, beginners need to know a few tips and an easy banana bread recipe

banana bread

5 Tips to Make The Perfect Banana Bread

Who doesn’t love a good banana bread? Banana bread is the perfect food for any time of the day. You can have it for breakfast with a cup of steaming hot coffee,