Gluten Free Bread

Dough It Right With The Baker’s Dozen Gluten Free Range

The cake is a mouth-watering delight that can make anyone crave it at any time of the day. Even old people can not say no to cake when offered. The range offers a variety of products that are healthy and tasty. People are often hesitant to eat cakes due to the amount of refined wheat flour, which is one of its major constituents. Gluten is formed because of the two significant proteins which when mixed with water form a network which gives dough its doughy texture. People opting for a gluten-free diet find it difficult to enjoy good cakes and breads. But there is a changing trend in the market – Gluten-free products, which is a mind-blowing innovation. The Baker’s Dozen introduces to you, our gluten-free range for our health-conscious audience

Here’s our range of gluten-free products

Gluten-Free Bread : The gluten-free bread is a simple bread with zero trans-fat and is very low in sugar content. TBDs gluten-free bread is a great product offering an escape from the gluten network. A fabulous product recommended by many chefs and dieticians. This is widely used by people for various purposes like sandwiches, breakfast options, and many more.

Gluten-free Pound Cake : Tasty indulgence while being healthy. It has Zero trans-fat and is packed using Freshlock packaging technology that retains its oven-baked freshness. Nobody can say no to these tasty delights because of the zero gluten, and they are made with love.

Gluten-free Chocolate Cake : A perfect fit for someone who loves chocolate and chocolate cake. Another fabulous product offered by TBD for people concerned about gluten. A mouth-watering cake is available for those who want to enjoy something with a chocolate flavor. Like the other gluten-free cake, this cake comes with zero trans-fat and is packed using Freshlock packaging technology, which retains its freshness.


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