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3 Ways To Elevate Our Wholewheat Garlic Bread

3 Ways To Elevate Our Wholewheat Garlic Bread

Garlic bread is the quintessential accompaniment to any Italian dish. It takes your meal to a whole new level. But is that all garlic bread is – an accompaniment? A side dish? We think not. We believe that garlic bread is very underrated and should be celebrated as is. So here are a few great ways to elevate our wholewheat

Garlic Bread Recipe

How To Make The Perfect Garlic Bread Loaf In Your Home Kitchen

It goes without saying that Garlic Bread is one of the most popular and loved breads out there, not just in India, but even globally. You can use it to make amazing open sandwiches, bruschetta and much more.

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5 Bread Mates We Love Right Now

Every bread needs a sidekick to help it shine as a hero. So, we have partnered with some brands to help create the best pairings with our breads. Here are some of our favourite bread mates: Native Tongue Mulberry Preserve + Country Sourdough Made with 100% real and fresh mulberries, Native Tongue’s Mulberry Preserve will hit you with a sweet