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Quick Recipe Hacks With Leftover Cakes And Cookies

Did you ever notice that the leftover cakes or cookies from parties or other events don’t taste as fresh and lip smacking as they did the first time? As the festive season has already begun, it is not far-fetched to imagine that your house must be filled with loads of cakes and cookies. We do agree with the fact that cakes and cookies are delicious but you can’t eat so many at once.  It is so obvious that one gets bored of eating the same thing over and over. Do you guys relate with us, too?

So what can you do if there is an abundance of cakes and cookies that you simply can’t eat but also don’t want to throw away?  So to satisfy your sweet tooth, we have compiled several simple and hassle-free recipe hacks created from leftover cake and cookies. Quick Leftover Bread Recipes / Leftover Bread Adventures.

Pie Crust

What’s better than making a pie crust for your cheesecakes or pies! To start with, take some crispy cookies of your choice and grind them in a mixer. To bind the cookie crumbs together after processing, add a little bit of melted butter. Mix well and use a measuring cup or spatula to push the crumbs into the pie pan once they resemble wet sand. 

Ice Cream Sandwiches

Give your little ones a dose of happiness with such mouth-watering sandwiches that are quick and easy. You just need to take the leftover cookies and sandwich some ice cream between them and then you’re good to go.

Cookie Milkshake

Milkshakes are the best companion to your meal, so why not enhance them with some leftover cookies which eventually will save those cookies from going in dustbins.

All you need to do is blend your milkshake with a few of your leftover cookies. The liquid will help break the cookies into little bits and soften them. What a blast of flavours it would give along with some chewable cookie chunks. This is ideal for entertaining guests because it is sure to dazzle them all. 

Cake Pops

Cake pops are the prettiest way to use up leftover cakes, which can be affirmed just by having a look at them. You just have to simply break the cake into pieces, mix it with buttercream or cream, and give it a good mix until it becomes soft. To seal in all that freshly created moisture, roll into little balls and then coat with candy melts or melted chocolate.

Cake Shake

Everyone loves having some chunks in their milkshakes. Although it may not sound appealing unless and until you’ve tasted it.

Having said that, these shakes are not quite as gritty, but they’re also not silky, which in my opinion, makes it even more delicious!

Combine milk, ice cream and the leftover cake and just blend all the flavours in. It will surely taste much like the birthday celebrations from your childhood.

Cake Trifle

Trifle is one of those English dessert which can be the ideal use for leftover cake. Cake, fruit, custard, these are all that you need to make cake trifles. The cake should be taken and cut to fit your serving glass. Place the cake in the middle of the dessert, then layer on the custard, then the fruits, and repeat the process three times before serving.


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