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All about The Baker’s Dozen Sourdoughs

Families who treasure and value the goodness of sourdough are starting to recognise and utilise the name, The Baker’s Dozen. The dough for sourdough bread is fermented with yeast and wild lactobacilli.

Lactic acid is created during the fermentation process, which gives the bread a mildly sour flavour and improves the bread’s quality. Customers can sample several flavours and styles of authentic sourdough bread from The Baker’s Dozen, which is renowned for doing so.

List Of Sourdoughs

Authentic Sourdoughs:

Chilli Cheese Sourdough

When customers were required to choose their own sourdough taste for a fan contest, chilli cheese sourdoughs were born. Chili cheese was picked as the flavour, and it became popular right away.

Cheddar cheese and green chiles are spread liberally throughout the sourdough. It has been hailed for its spicy flavour and cheesy taste as one of the most well-liked sourdoughs. Since this bread contains no preservatives, you don’t need to be concerned.

Fourgrain Sourdough

Fourgrain sourdough bread is the ideal type to have for breakfast. German food is the source of its inspiration. The fact that it is entirely wholewheat and does not contain maida is its strongest feature.

It is stuffed full of enough nutrition to keep you going all day thanks to the four different grains that make up its four different types of nutrition. Sesame, flax, pumpkin, and sunflower seeds are the four types of grains that are utilised. The four-grain sourdough is created naturally, without of any additives or preservatives, just like good bread should be.

Blueberry Cranberry Sourdough

A unique flavour of your beloved sourdough. The wonderful berries that are added to the Blueberry Cranberry sourdough are an extra treat. It is challenging to locate a sourdough like this elsewhere because it is made with only the highest-quality blueberries and cranberries and 100% wholewheat flour.

Country Sourdough

The Baker’s Dozen brings you the beloved sourdough in a real-life avatar. Our consumers prefer the timeless classic. Although the surface may feel crusty, the interior is completely soft.

We didn’t add any chemicals or preservatives to keep it healthy and safe for kids. Using our Freshlock technology, taste bread that is still warm from the oven.

Artisan Bread

We pay close attention to each and every one of the essential elements of an artisan loaf, including the choice of flour, the duration of fermentation, and the method of baking. Wholewheat bread is made with great care in our artisan loaves.


Our favourite bagel is boiled then baked, a delicate style of preparation that makes it a true baker’s delight and the ideal complement to cream cheese. To further authenticate them, sesame seeds are sprinkled on top.


The aroma and texture of our baguette transport you to France in a loaf, making you say “Merci” as you stroll down a Parisian boulevard. The fact that it is made with wholewheat flour is the greatest part.


The authentic base of all paninis, which is made of whole wheat flour, is known as the “king of crusty bread” and is a lifesaver on idle weekends.

Garlic Bread

We produce garlic bread using whole wheat flour and fresh garlic, making it the ideal accouterment for your soup.

Honest Daily Bread

Burger Buns

Sourdough burger buns are the way to go! Our buns are airy and incredibly soft, and they go well with any kind of burger you want.

Pizza Base

Here is our sourdough-made pizza base, ideal for making wholesome, delectable pizzas at home whenever and however you choose.

Pita Bread

With the delicate sourdough process, we advance the ideal base for the ideal falafel pita. These complement each other well.

Wholewheat Pav

These are Mumbai’s all-time favourite European-style baked goods made with an actual sourdough recipe.

Masala Pav

These are the spiced-up version of Mumbai’s all-time favourite pavs in the European baking style using the authentic sourdough technique.


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