Sourdough Bread Recipe

Celebrate Christmas with this Quick Fix Sourdough Bread Recipe

What Is Sourdough Bread?

In the best terms, it’s miles bread made without business yeast, however as a substitute a “sourdough starter” instead. Think of this like “wild” yeast. The starter is what makes the bread rise.

You can make sourdough starter at home (takes 5-eight days) or buy it here.  To hold it – you’ll feed it flour and water. Like a pet. Yes, you could even call it.

Bread made with sourdough starter has a lot extra taste and complexity than yeasted bread. It is likewise tons simpler to digest, due to the fact it’s miles fermented.

A few quick sourdough recipes are: –

Mulled wine fruit bread pudding

Ingredients- blueberry cranberry sourdough, butter, egg, sugar, milk, vanilla essence, cream, wine, orange juice, star anise, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, orange peel, brown sugar, hazulnut, almonds, apricot, raisin, rum sauce

Preparation process- Take blueberry cranberry sourdough and slice it. Make into cube shapes further. Toast the cubes in butter.

Take eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla essence, cream and whisk it properly.

Now take wine, orange juice, star anise, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon, orange peel, brown sugar in a pan and simmer it. Add hazelnut, almonds, apricot, raisin and simmer it further.

Take toasted sourdough in a bowl and spray muled wine fruits on top. Repeat this process two times and then put custard on top. Spray brown sugar on it and bake. Top it with some rum sauce after baking and yahh!! Your Mulled wine fruit bread pudding is ready

Croque madame with country sourdough

Ingredients- Country sourdough, whole grain mustard, smoked ham, sauce, butter, flour, salt, milk, mozzarella, butter, egg.

Preparation process- Take butter on a pan. Heat it. Pour flour in the pan. Mix it properly. Sprinkle pepper, salt and pour milk. Whisk all of them properly. Add more milk and keep whisking till it becomes thick white colour appears. Pour mozzarella into it and mix it properly and your bechamel is ready.

Prepare an egg yolk in a separate pan in butter.

Take country sourdough, slice them up, toast them till golden crunchy, spray whole grain mustard on toasted slices. Pour bechamel on toasted slices and put mozzarella. Put one slice of smoked ham on top. Use more mozzarella on smoked ham and put another slice of bread. Pour sauce on top and use mozzarella on top for the last time. Broil it now and put the prepared egg yolk on top finally. Your Croque madame with country sourdough is finally ready.

Caramel bread popcorn

Ingredients- Cranberry & blueberry sourdough, sugar, butter, caramel sauce.

Preparation process-

Take the blueberry cranberry sourdough. Cut it into cubes. Take leftover breads on the other side and slice them into smaller cubes as well. Toast the cubes.

Take sugar on a pan and heat it till it caramelizes. Mix butter to the caramelized sugar. Take the roasted cubes, pour the caramel sauce on top and mix it well. Your Caramel bread popcorn is finally ready.


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