10-Minute Easy Sandwiches

In this fast paced world, we tend to rush in our lives. Trying to get to the office on time in the morning often makes skipping breakfast an unappealing but necessary option. Not just the breakfast, but a lot of times we skip meals or have unsatisfactory ones because of the constraint of time. Well, fret no more! Here are some very easy sandwiches recipes that’ll take less than 10 minutes to prepare-

Garlic Bread Sandwich

This is a quick and easy snack if you are having midnight craving to eat something savoury and delicious. For this recipe, take a garlic bread and cut it in half. Take a bowl and put half cup butter in it. Add chilli flakes, salt, garlic granules, green chilli, pepper and grated cheese in the bowl, and mix it well. Take the paste and spread evenly on both garlic bread halves. Bake it until crispy. Then smear some chutney mayo on it, add your favourite veggies, sweet corn, and some more cheese as it can never be enough. Bake it one more time, and you’re good to go!

Cucumber Cheese Sandwich

This one is a classic! A delectable combination that gives just the right amount of summer freshness. For this, take The Baker’s Dozen chilli cheese sourdough and cut into slices. In a bowl, combine cream cheese, dill, salt and pepper and make a mixture. Toast the bread slices and smear the dip on the toasted bread. Add cucumber and red chilli flakes, and voila! You’re done. Enjoy it with your daily cup of coffee.

Paneer Tomato Sandwich

This sandwich is a perfect way to kickstart your day. To make it, cut the Chilli cheese sourdough into slices. Dice the paneer & tomatoes into cubes. Smear chutney on one slice. Add the paneer and tomatoes. Heat butter in a non-stick pan (medium flame) and grill the sandwich from both sides for 1 to 2 minutes or until golden brown. Cut, serve and enjoy!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

This is the probably the easiest recipe on this list and an all-time people’s favourite. For this, spread peanut butter on one slice of The Baker’s Dozen multigrain bread and jam on another slice. Club both sides together. Now, heat butter on a pan on medium flame and toast the sandwich on both sides for 1-2 minutes, until golden brown. That’s it, it’s that simple! Slice, serve & enjoy this classic.

Chilli Cheese Potato Sandwich

You have to try this magical combination chilli cheese sourdough bread with cheesy, buttery tomatoes. For this, cut the bread into slices. Heat butter in a non-stick pan and toast the bread slices on both sides. Mash the potatoes along with salt and pepper. Spread some chutney on one side of the slice. Add the mashed potatoes, garnish with coriander. Serve and enjoy this mouth-watering treat.


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