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Chilli Cheese Sourdough | Developing Sourdough Flavours By And For Our Customers

It all began when the time had come for that which we had all been waiting for – celebrating. the milestone of selling one million sourdoughs.

We thought the best way to celebrate this would be to show our heartfelt gratitude to our loyal customers because of whom we were able to meet this milestone.

We wanted to launch a fabulous product that we would give away to our customers in September 2020 during our ‘Sourdough September’ campaign.

We wanted this creation made in accordance with what our customers wanted, and our appreciation for their love and loyalty towards our brand.

We made this possible by asking them on our Instagram page to suggest and create their own new flavour combinations for a sourdough bread that they wanted to try.

We then chose our favourite flavours out of those suggestions which were ‘Chilli and Cheese’, suggested by one of our regular customers Jaya Chawla, and voilà, the Chilli Cheese Sourdough bread was born! I

t took us numerous trials with various kinds of chillies paired with an assortment of different cheeses to finally conceive the Chilli Cheese Sourdough as we all know and love today.

Since we made this product for the sole purpose of doing a ‘giveaway’, it was available only for 3 days (over a weekend in September).

But our customers loved the product so much that they demanded we make it a permanent product.
Now, when it comes to our customers, their wish is our command, so that’s how we ended up including the Chilli Cheese Sourdough permanently on our menu!


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