Did You Know Our Wholewheat Pav Is Made With Sourdough?

Did You Know Our Wholewheat Pav Is Made With Sourdough?

Mumbai’s pav is special, different from what you get anywhere else in India. Mumbaikars adore their pav and for some, it is a way of life. The biggest nightmare for them is a life without their beloved vada pav. The main reasons are affordability, availability, taste and the love for Mumbai’s comfort food. Vada pav is the tastiest snack and one of the easiest breakfasts that counts as a happy meal. The crispy vada, the spicy chutney, the onions and chilli as a compliment make a vada pav incredible. But without a soft and suitable base, the pav, the end result is not the same. So, pairing all the other ingredients with the perfect wholewheat pav is crucial. 

Now when health is moving up the priority list along with taste. Earlier, maida or refined flour was used to make pavs. But gradually, wholewheat flour or atta came into the picture too. But what if we say that our wholewheat pav is made of sourdough? 

Our Sourdough take on the Wholewheat pav 

Wholewheat pav is already considered superior to the conventional ones. This is because of the health benefits of the whole grains that go in the wholewheat flour. But we have added yet another twist with our supreme sourdough culture! We love the pate ferment and adore our sourdough loaves. We feel that the idea of sourdough pav may sound new but it is very promising. Thanks to the benefits of the sourdough and the magic it creates when it comes to the taste and texture. 

Our wholewheat sourdough pavs are naturally fermented using our in-house culture. We pay attention to each batch to make each one special and perfect. This is another reason why these are congenial and full of deliciousness. Below are the reasons how our wholewheat sourdough pav is different from the regular ones. 

We also have a spiced up version- our piquant Methia Masala pav. We use the methia masala to further elevate the taste. These are perfect for sliders, to serve with bhaji, to be stuffed with cheese, etc. If you like spicy food, you’ve got to love these ones. 

Below are the reasons why our wholewheat sourdough pavs are different from the regular ones. 

  1. Method of Preparation

Ordinary pavs are usually prepared using store-bought dry yeast. But our wholewheat sourdough pav is made using the in-house culture. Hence, these are fermented naturally.

  1. Taste 

The sourdough counterpart of pav embodies the typical pleasant taste of sourdough. The very subtle sourness comes from the acids produced in the starter when proved in the optimum temperature. 

  1. Texture 

The ordinary pav is usually soft, light and airy. Ours make you feel as if you’re experiencing European baking in the Mumbai style. So, it feels like ‘classy meets desi’!

  1. Versatility 

The fact that we make our wholewheat pavs in the sourdough style makes them more versatile. You can use them as dinner rolls, base for the sliders, stuff them with cheese or veggies and pop in the oven. You can even have our Methia Masala Pav as a snack as such after toasting with butter. 

Why go the sourdough way? 

Apart from the heavenly taste and aroma, sourdough technique imparts health benefits to products as well. Here are the major health benefits associated with sourdough.

  1. Our body absorbs the nutrients in the sourdough bread or pav better than the normal counterparts because the lactic acid in the culture neutralizes phytate, an anti-nutrient.
  2. Due to increased absorption of nutrients, the normal body functions are smoothened and disease resistance enhanced. 
  3. Sourdough contains probiotic and prebiotic bacteria which keeps it easy on the digestive system. So, the products made using sourdough technique are digested easily.  
  4. Glycemic index is a measure used to determine how much food can affect your blood sugar levels. The bacteria in the culture alter the starch molecules lowering the glycemic index making sourdough an incredible option for people with diabetes. 



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