Gluten Free Bread

Dough It Right With The Baker’s Dozen Gluten Free Range

The cake is a mouth-watering delight that can make anyone crave it at any time of the day. Even old people can not say no to cake when offered. The range offers a variety of products that are healthy and tasty. People are often hesitant to eat cakes due to the amount of refined wheat flour, which is one of

Christmas Treats

5 Easy and Quick Christmas Treats

One of the best ways to celebrate Christmas is to eat yummy treats with one’s family and friends. A box of cookies is enough to make one’s day. Here are some treats that are sure to make your Christmas truly merry.  Banana Bread This bread is made using nothing but the finest ingredients, like freshly mashed bananas and 100% whole

Sourdough Bread Recipe

Celebrate Christmas with this Quick Fix Sourdough Bread Recipe

What Is Sourdough Bread? In the best terms, it’s miles bread made without business yeast, however as a substitute a “sourdough starter” instead. Think of this like “wild” yeast. The starter is what makes the bread rise. You can make sourdough starter at home (takes 5-eight days) or buy it here.  To hold it – you’ll feed it flour and

Walnut Cake

Bring in The Festivities with The Bakers Dozen Walnut Range

Walnuts have been a beloved snack for thousands of years. They have a very strong nutritional profile which is why they are used even in a few home remedies. This nut is loaded with antioxidants that can help fight against oxidative stress. Walnuts may also help reduce bad cholesterol, promoting overall heart health. Well, what if you can get tasty

Ragi Bread

Ragi Bread for The Win | The Baker’s Dozen

Did you know that Ragi is also popularly known as a wonder grain? The nickname is perfectly apt for the healthy and nutritious cereal grain. Ragi is a whole-grain that is a rich source of calcium and fibre content. Naturally gluten free, low in fat, rich in calcium and fibre content, the Ragi millet has numerous health benefits. It is

Sourdough Bread Recipes

Top 3 Homemade Sourdough Bread Recipes

Sourdough bread is one of the best experiences you can have in the culinary world. We at The Baker’s Dozen believe that you can make absolutely any sort of dish with our sourdoughs, we take pride in it. However, if you have bought our bread and are looking for inspiration as to how to make a tasty dish out of

Brown Bread

Brown Bread vs. 100% Whole Wheat Bread

Bread has an early history and has come a long way since then. Whether it be a sourdough, plain white bread, whole grain or as simple as any flatbread. A single change in process or ingredient has the power to add a whole new multitude to this staple food. Dating back to several hundred decades it has evolved its form,

TBD Combo

The Baker’s Dozen Combos Worth Trying

We all heavily depend on bread to satisfy us during breakfast. The quality of this bread should never be compromised, it is an important start to a day’s meal. However, monotony can ruin a good day’s meal. So, to spice up (or sweeten) how you start your day, here are a few of our products and combos which are just

Ragi Bread

3 Easy Ragi Loaf Breakfast Recipes

With the world becoming increasingly health conscious, the Ragi grain is one whole-grain that has made a huge comeback in contemporary diet culture. It is no secret that Ragi has various health and nutritional benefits. Popularly considered as a “wonder grain” for weight loss, the Ragi millet is naturally gluten free, low in fat, rich in calcium and fibre content.