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Sourdough Flavours at TBD

Our main motto at The Baker’s Dozen is that sourdough bread is not some kind of fancy or “elite” speciality bread. It is just bread which is tastier, healthier and can be eaten by everyone on a regular basis, just as you would eat a normal sandwich bread. This is the reason we have developed so many different flavours of sourdough bread. This way we can cater to all kinds of palates.

In the classic sourdough bread range, we have a total of six different sourdough flavours – Four Grain, Blueberry Cranberry, Chilli Cheese Sourdough, Country Sourdough, The Indian Sourdough and Walnut Raisin. All of them are unique and special in their own way.

1. Four Grain :

If we could eat only one bread for the rest of our lives, this would be it. This bread is our absolute all-time favourite out of all our products. It is a classic sourdough bread enriched with the goodness of four different seeds – sunflower, pumpkin, flax and sesame. It is soft, yet crunchy at the same time. It tastes God-sent.

2. Blueberry Cranberry :

This sourdough bread is like a healthy dessert that you can have as a meal. It tastes slightly sweet and slightly tangy, hitting all the right notes with the richness of blueberries and cranberries.

3. Chilli Cheese Sourdough :

Chilli cheese sourdough is a recent favourite of ours and our customers. This bread was developed using the suggestions given by our customers w.r.t. the new flavour they wanted to taste. It was initially launched as a limited-edition product for the purpose of doing a giveaway, but it was such a huge hit among our customers that we just had to make it a full-time product.

4. Country Sourdough :

We realized only recently that despite being such serious advocates of sourdough bread, we do not actually have a classic, plain sourdough bread. So we made one. The country sourdough is made using authentic French techniques. Having one bite of it will transport you to the countryside of the Bordeaux region in France from where this bread originated.

5. The Indian Sourdough :

The Indian Sourdough was developed as a fusion between Indian and western flavours. The moong dal used to make this bread gives it a tasty, healthy, desi touch whilst still maintaining the integrity of sourdough bread.

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6. Walnut Raisin :

This is another sweet spin-off of sourdough bread. It is very indulgent as it is loaded with raisins and walnuts – an elegant take on the ‘fruit and nut’ combo. This bread is truly a delight to eat!

Although our range of sourdough bread is quite a sensation, we still decided that it is not enough. We thought – why not take popular products like Pav, which is consumed by Indians on a daily basis, and make them with sourdough?

This way we can elevate both the taste and the health aspects of a product that has mass consumption. After several trials, we finally developed two flavours of sourdough pav that our customers love and buy regularly – Wholewheat Pav and Masala Pav. We then went ahead and made another popular product of ours into a sourdough too – our Pizza Base.

Finally, we converted our classic French Baguette into a sourdough as well. Who knew these simple, everyday products could be elevated to such sophisticated ones? Well, we made it happen and we’re proud of it.

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