Why Sourdough is better for your Gut?

The aroma of freshly-baked sourdough bread is just divine. It is the technique of making sourdough that makes it stand out. In fact, making a good loaf of sourdough is an art and it has millions of devotees all over the globe. Apart from this, sourdough is very beneficial for your gut as well. 

Sourdough is a healthier alternative to white bread and even to wholewheat bread as well. In this blog, we’ve summarized the reasons why this heavenly bread is good for your gut.

1. Absorption of more nutrients

As surprising as it may sound, the human body absorbs more nutrients from sourdough than it does from other varieties of bread. This is because the method used to prepare the dough leads to the formation of lactic acid. The lactic acid neutralizes the phytates (compounds that hinder the absorption of nutrients) and hence, your body gets all the minerals from this bread unlike in the case of other varieties of bread.

2. Easy on the digestive system

The sourdough technique of bread-making breaks down gluten. This means that the bread baked using this technique is easier to digest as your digestive system won’t have to work as intensely to break down all the gluten as it does in the case of other bread varieties.

3. Enhanced body functions and disease prevention

As we mentioned earlier, your body absorbs more nutrients from a sourdough than any other bread variety. This enhances your overall health and body functions. Lactic acid also leads to increased antioxidant levels in the body. This helps your body to fight against many diseases and health conditions. 

4. Lower Glycemic Index

Glycemic index is a measure used to determine how much food can affect your blood sugar levels. The bacteria in the sourdough induce some changes in the starch molecules and as a result, these get absorbed slowly. This makes sourdough a perfect option for people suffering from diabetes and for anyone who is looking for a great loaf of bread.

5. Prebiotic and probiotic Combo

Many other varieties of bread are fermented with brewer’s yeast which is not the case when it comes to sourdough. The starter is prepared using lactobacillus cultures which are present in other probiotic foods. The yeasts used are Saccharomyces spp. and Candida spp. The prebiotics also eases the digestion of bread prepared using the sourdough technique.

Sourdough bread is cherished by people of various cultures across the world because of its aroma, taste, and health benefits. This technique is more of an emotion which we highly value at The Baker’s Dozen. Our sourdough products are made with so much love that you get to experience the beauty of something which is highly cherished.






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